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Baby Alfie

Ragtales Baby Alfie

Ragtales’s Baby Alfie is a gorgeous, soft toy baby rattle made from the fluffiest, beige, plush fabric. With floppy ears sewn with a polka dot lining, and with a patch on one eye. Baby Alfie is dressed in beige coloured, soft chunky dungarees and a teal knitted jumper. This rattle softie would certainly make an ideal companion for your baby in the cot or pram as it has a delightful tinkling rattle when shaken. He would certainly make a perfect christening gift, baby shower or birthday present.

Measures 23 cm in height.

Machine washable at 30 degrees.

Suitable for birth onward

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Ragtales Baby Fifi

Baby Fifi by Ragtales is a gorgeous soft toy baby rattle made from the fluffiest, cream, plush fabric. Her floppy ears are sewn with a contrasting pink, polka dot fabric, and she is dressed in a pink, 100% cotton knitted dress which is finished with a floral bow. With a delightful tinkling rattle when shaken, Fifi rattle softie would be an ideal companion for your baby in the cot or pram. Fifi rattle softie is a perfect christening gift, baby shower or birthday present.

Baby Fifi Rattle Softie measures 23 cms in height. Machine washable at 30 degrees. Suitable from birth onward.

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poppy with spotty skirt

Ragtales Poppy Rabbit

Meet Poppy, the delightful soft toy Rabbit by Ragtales! With a white, velour body and embroidered face, Poppy the Rabbit is sweet and soft from her fluffy tail to her patchwork ears. Poppy comes dressed to the highest standards of quality and care in a pretty, gathered spotty skirt and a hand – knitted top.

Poppy measures 21 cms in height.

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Sitting Teddy Blue

Sitting Teddy Blue

Baby Boy Gift ‘Petit Cheri’ Baby Collection Sitting Teddy Blue. A beautifully made wooly finished bear that adds a little vintge theme to the nursery. Small enough for the little one to cherish and carry around. Bear measures: H:15 W:14 D:9cm.

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Bingo Monkey

Steiff Bingo Monkey

Soft Cuddly Friends Bingo monkey by Steiff. Your child won’t be able to say no to this sweet chap with a cute grin and curly tail. The soft and cuddly monkey has a height of 20 cm and loves to swing. The bean bags at his rear, feet and soles give him the necessary support and will make you want to grab and feel him. His stripped feet and ears are real eye-catchers

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cuddly stuffed elephant

Steiff Earz Elephant

At a height of 20 cm, the soft and cuddly stuffed elephant by Steiff is a must for any child’s bedroom. The fluffy playmate shakes its striped ears and tells children about the giraffes, whose necks are long enough that they can eat leaves right off the trees. And about the lions, who roar so loudly in the wilderness that people have to cover their ears.

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Fuzzy lamb

Steiff Fuzzy Lamb

The cute, white Soft Cuddly Friends Fuzzy lamb by Steiff is 18 cm in size and giving the world a silly glance, looking forward to being picked up and cuddled by your little one. She’s giving you a merry invitation to play. The bean bags at her seat, hooves and soles are just asking to be touched and squeezed. Your child learns to grab and feel by playing. Your little one and your stuffed toy will become best of friends, giggling along the way.


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Hoppie Rabbit

Steiff Hoppie Rabbit

Children’s eyes light up when Soft Cuddly Friends Hoppie rabbit by Steiff comes hopping. The rabbit has a height of 18 cm, and her cute pink nose and super long ears make her the perfect affectionate companion for young and old alike. The bean bags included at her seat, paws and soles ensure good support and are ideal for gripping and feeling. The soft and dense cuddly toy in tender light grey lends itself to snuggling and caressing.

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Cuddly Friends Taffy dog

Steiff Taffy Dog

The cute 20 cm Soft Cuddly Friends Taffy dog by Steiff is such a great playmate for both tiny tots and older kids. Bean bags are worked into its tail and four paws. This develops the child’s sense of touch and makes it fun to grasp and discover. Cuddly grey streaked Taffy makes a great companion for playing and frolicking during the day and for cuddling and dreaming at night.


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Tilda Rabbit

Steiff Tilda Rabbit

Soft Cuddly Friends Tilda rabbit by Steiff is made of pink cuddly soft plush! She has a very special soft nose and funny long floppy ears. Bean bags are worked into her tail and hind legs so that Tilda rabbit can sit properly and makes it easy for baby to grasp and play with. A great gift idea for a newborn child, baptism or a birthday.

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