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Perfect Baby Shower Guide Planner Cover

The Perfect Baby Shower Guide & Planner Book

Great News, A friend has asked if you would like to plan their baby shower. The Perfect Baby Shower Guide and Planner is the ideal companion to show you the way forward.No more to do lists which don’t seem to lead anywhere, no more panicking about things you need to organise, and no more wondering where on Earth to start!This book is your go-to comprehensive guide on everything baby shower. It’s packed full of inspirational ideas for decor and games. From fun entertainment to more formal sit-down activities. All designed to help you plan the perfect baby shower. No more heaps of paper, or sticky notes stuck to your computer screen. The guide is designed to fit into a bag and made to be written on too!T

he Perfect Baby Shower Guide and Planner has been developed from Eli’s own experience in planning baby showers. She is qualified in baby shower event planning and the owner of Candytuft Baby.The book is both a guide and step by step planner.

It Includes:

  • Step by step guide packed with inspiring photos
  • Planning checklist to tick off
  • Planning sheets to complete
  • Decor inspiration with colourful mood boards
  • Ideas for fun games & entertainment
  • Colour & theme suggestions
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