Mummy Feel Good Gift Box Review

I was delighted to be asked last week to try out this gorgeous Luxury Mum box & just like Mary Poppins, it arrived on my doorstep with the most perfect timing! Being a solo mum, well just being a mum in general, I’m sure you will agree is the best, most rewarding & amazing role, but also the most tiring, particularly if your baby/babies are still very young! I write this being a first-time Mum to a 4 month old little girl who’s beautiful & funny, who I absolutely adore but also holds the Guinness World Record for being a pro whinger. The weekend before last was a tough one…hormones flying around, Mum anxieties & an unsettled baby so this being delivered has already given me a little ‘feel-good’ boost, which EVERY Mum needs & deserves once a in while!

The first thing I noticed was the quality & presentation of the box. It has the ‘wow factor’ & receiving this as a gift would make any mum or Mum-to-be feel extra special!

Included in this gift box is:

  • A ‘Mummy’ mug
  • Organic Sip ‘n’ Snore Natural leaf tea pyramids
  • ‘Cool it Mama’ Body Spray
  • A relaxing lavender & geranium scented candle
  • Relaxing bath oil


So this is what I thought about all the beautifully packaged products…

The candle was the first thing in the box that I tried & besides the ‘mummy’ cup, which is super cute, is possibly my favourite item. It smells divine, burns well & is super relaxing!

The cup, well, need I say more? Every new Mum needs a mummy cup right? This one is rather sweet & is perfect for the next product… the tea!

Going to be honest, I’m not really a hot drinks kinda girl, but very occasional will have a fruit or herbal tea. But I think I could quite easily get into the habit of having a cup of the ‘Sip ‘n’ Snore’ every night before bed. It’s blended in the UK with Camomile, Elderflower, Lavender, Calendula petals & Linden root. I’m no connoisseur when it comes to tea & it tastes similar to most herbal teas I’ve tasted however it most definitely relaxes you & probably would have helped me drift off had I not had a teething baby crying for me!

Now, the product I’ve used lots in the past week & has been a somewhat lifesaver in the heat, is the ‘Cool it Mama’ body mist! After running up & down the stairs for the millionth time to do the ‘dummy run’, I was a sweaty Betty so spraying my face with this, gave me an instant refresh! It smells lush & really does have a cooling effect! Would be great for those hot flushes during pregnancy too or on the ridiculously hot maternity wards!

And finally the ‘Relax & Unwind’ bath oil, which was in fact the last of the products I’ve tested. It’s by an award-winning skincare range called Mia & Dom & made from organic botanicals.
One word… bliss! I have to say it’s one of my favourite ever smells… geranium! It also contains ingredients that help moisture skin, help stretch marks fade & improve the appearance along with aiding you to relax! I found the time for a quick dip in the bath & oh my, I could have stayed in all day! It’s hard to find time as a new Mum but a little self-care should always be a priority! I’ll be finding time again soon for a slightly longer soak!

All in all, this box for me is an easy 5* stars! If I’d have received this as a new Mum gift from a friend or family member, I would have been absolutely thrilled as I’ve used it all! I can’t also express enough just how ‘luxury’ this gift box feels. The products are really really high quality, making it so special! For me, being the chocoholic I am, a mini bar of something sweet would also be a great addition (as mums always need a quick energy boost!) but I would recommend this to everyone & will be purchasing myself to give as a gift in the future!

Reviewed by Lexi Callaway (@diary.of.a.british.mama)


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