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Baby Shower a joy and a blessing

5 great reasons why you should have a Baby shower! Holding celebrations for the baby on its way is very traditional function. The practice has been held for many years in many cultures.  A Baby shower is usually planned about four to six weeks before the due date. It’s a great way of celebrating the pending new born and celebrating the transformation of a woman into a mother. Although baby showers seem to be very exciting, some people consider it unpleasant and burdensome for those they are inviting. However, some consider it as an honour for themselves. There may well be some mums-to-be that are not considering a Baby shower, but the following are some reasons that might convince you or a friend it is an

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How to deal with parents of child loss

Of course every situation differs but I write this from my perspective having lost our boy at 21+3. This piece comes from the depths of a shattered heart. I think loss is a very taboo thing and very rarely airs itself in the public consciousness. I must admit the thought of burying our child never once entered my head through pregnancy. And why should it? Pregnancy should be as stress free time as possible. Dare I venture that the majority of people in one sense take a smooth pregnancy for granted?! It is almost as if the joyous outcome is predicted and expected. Its one of those things that you seem to not think about until your world crashes down around you and those months

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Mummy Feel Good Gift Box Review

I was delighted to be asked last week to try out this gorgeous Luxury Mum box & just like Mary Poppins, it arrived on my doorstep with the most perfect timing! Being a solo mum, well just being a mum in general, I’m sure you will agree is the best, most rewarding & amazing role, but also the most tiring, particularly if your baby/babies are still very young! I write this being a first-time Mum to a 4 month old little girl who’s beautiful & funny, who I absolutely adore but also holds the Guinness World Record for being a pro whinger. The weekend before last was a tough one…hormones flying around, Mum anxieties & an unsettled baby so this being delivered has already given

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A little bit about us at Candytuft Baby

It has been 6 weeks since we launched Candytuft Baby. We thought it would be a great time to tell you a little bit more about us at Candytuft Baby. The first few weeks were so much busier than we expected. We were overwhelmed with the amount of support and positive feedback we received. Thank You very much, we really appreciate it. My name is Eli and I am the founder and owner of Candytuft Baby. I am also a mummy to two gorgeous boys Joshua who is three years old and Sebastian who is 10 months old. I am very lucky to have a lot of support from my partner Chris who has been a great help especially on the technical side of the business. Candytuft

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